Platinum Corporation FZE


Platinum specialises in sourcing and distributing consumer products across continents. Over 40 years of trading experience gives Platinum an edge as it understands and responds to market demands ahead of competitors.

Platinum’s superior trading practices are backed up with excellent supply chain management, strength in logistics, quality control efficiencies and relationships with world-class companies acting as suppliers and principals.

The group has partnered with an array of leading industry players in the Europe, Asia, USA and Africa, enjoying mutually rewarding and long-term relationships.


Under this division, Platinum is engaged in sourcing and distribution of rice, fertilizers, edible oil, building materials and several other products of mass consumption for the key markets in Sub Saharan Africa and the Middle East.

Platinum understands that Africa’s demand for rice is ever-increasing due to rapid urbanisation. Since West African countries cannot meet this demand on their own, they are heavily dependent on imports. There has been an eight fold increase in rice imports since the 1960s.

Platinum is at the centre of the international trade in rice to West African countries:
  • Specialised in sourcing from flourishing origins in Asia
  • Efficient distribution to high demand regions of West Africa
  • Seamless management of procurement, supply-chain, infrastructure and marketing
  • Excellent relationships with prime suppliers of rice in Thailand, India and the USA
  • Quality standards maintained all the time